Our History

Historic Bendigo in Central Otago, New Zealand once famous for gold mining now recognised as a vineyard growing region, specialising in premium Pinot Noir

The largest Quartz Reef deposit in New Zealand lies beneath the vines at Bendigo Station. The Historic gold town on Bendigo was mined from 1862. Now the sun-drenched north facing slopes are becoming famous again...

Named after New Zealand’s largest quartz deposit that lies beneath our vineyards at Bendigo Station, Quartz Reef has become the vessel for what winemaker Rudi Bauer calls - his search to make wines which exhibit “a symphony of flavours” that “capture attention and entertain so that you forget everything else”.

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The pioneer vineyard in Bendigo, Central Otago

The chosen site

A view from the air of the chosen site destined to become the first vineyard planted in the sub region of Bendigo


Rudi with son Roman and the first grapeines planted in Bendigo, Central Otago

Planting Begins

A milestone achievement as the first vines are planted


The first Pinot Noir bottled from Quartz Reef Estate Vineyard, Central Otago

Bottled Dreams

The first Pinot Noir is bottled


Rudi and Sam in our Biodynamic nerve centre, the first steps are taken to become a Demeter certified biodynamic and BioGro certified organic vineyard, Bendigo Central Otago

In conversion

Our process to convert to Biodynamic farming begins



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