“Our conversion to biodynamic viticulture is really just the beginning of a wonderful journey to further understand our beautiful vineyard being reflected in the most sincere way. We see biodynamics as the philosophy that will allow this to happen more and more.”

The farming philosophy at Quartz Reef is based on a method of organic farming originally developed by Rudolf Steiner, called Biodynamics.  Biodynamic viticulture is the maintenance and enrichment of soil and vine health and the recognition of the rhythms of the cosmos and their influence on weather, soil, plant and animal life.

Our goal is to not just eliminate the use of chemical sprays and fertilisers but to promote the health of the soils and the vines.  In return, allowing us to make quality wine with minimal intervention, which has a true expression of season, site and terroir*.

We understand, as farmers that each season we deplete the soil of nutrients and minerals and it is necessary to replenish the land in return of the crops we harvest.  To enable this we make and apply compost, herbal teas and liquid manures to the vines and soils.  Also a major role is the use of a series of compost preparations based on mineral, plant and animal substances.

All biodynamic preparations and activities are carried out at "The Nerve Centre", located on the lower vineyard block.  This is the heart of the farm, a mini amphitheatre, where all the plants and herbs are grown, and all the preps and teas are made and matured.

Biodynamics is a method of farming that treats the vineyard as an entirety, as a living system.  With a sustainable and natural approach we endeavour to manage this.

*terroir - The characteristic taste and flavour imparted to a wine by the environment in which it is produced.  The environment includes factors such as soil, topography and climate.


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