canvas: Best because you're amazing wine

November 09, 2022

canvas: Best because you're amazing wine

Methode Traditionnelle Vintage Rose 2016

Yvonne Lorkin selected our wine as one of Canvas Cheers to the Year Wine Awards 2022 champions.

"When Quartz Reef declares a vintage for one of its sparkling wines, you know that the Quartz kids are 100 per cent infatuated enough with the fruit from that year to excitedly create a snapshot of that point in time in fizzicle form. Aged for five years before being carefully disgorged by hand, then sealed and bottled, this berry bagel-scented sparkler shows rich, finely tuned palate with ultra delicate beading, crisp - yet- biscuity textures, and a long "I really don't deserve you" finish. Just 900 bottles were made."

Yvonne Lorkin, NZME Regional Newspapers (OCT 2022)




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