Update regarding Covid-19

March 18, 2020

Update regarding Covid-19

To say that the developments over the past weeks and recent few days including todays latest announcement has been staggering is an understatement. Without exception, every person in New Zealand is affected by what is happening and the goalposts are changing hourly. An unsettling and disturbing time.

Within the Quartz Reef team, we have rallied together to discuss, dissect and try to make sense of what challenges the Covid-19 crisis will present for us and our wider community. Most immediately, the safety and well-being of every team member has been considered and we feel confident that we have put every possible measure in place to ensure a safe environment. Our offices, cellar door, black ops, lunchroom and every other conceivable space that we roam has never been more scrupulously cleaned and sparkling. Please be assured that we have minimised any risk as much as humanly possible.

We are intensely following all updates from the Ministry of Health and fully support the recent government advice. In the short term, we have chosen to keep our cellar door open and will continue to welcome you to visit us and taste our wines. Our cleaning and hygiene measures would make the fussiest most avid cleaner proud and we are very confident to be safeguarding our (all) health. We have handwipes available on arrival to the cellar door and a debrief cleaning process post visit (we’ll do this, not you). Please rest assured we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure you have an enjoyable and pristine wine tasting should you choose to venture out! And as this is a moving target we expect to reassess our position early next week and will advise any updates via our social media channels.

This provocation comes at one of our busiest times of the year for our industry as our grapes are ready for harvesting and our 2020 wines must be made. Our office and winery remain open so please reach out, we are all facing this together and community is everything.

Finally, we thank you for your continued support and acknowledge with this relentlessly changing environment, your usual sources of wine supply may not be immediately accessible so, if you are contemplating a relaxing glass of bubbles to brighten your day or planning the perfect Pinot Noir to pair with your home cooked fare, we can help. Contact us directly by phone on 03 445 3084, or by email to info@quartzreef.co.nz or place an order online and we will get your order out to you asap freight free across New Zealand (6 bottles or more).

Look out for each other, be kind and keep safe. We’ll be practising the ‘East Coast Wave’ or elbow tap when we see you!


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